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What Size Tile Cutter Should I Choose?

Tile Sizes are Getting Bigger

As far as tile sizes go life used to be simple in years past.  The largest size that most floors would use would be 12 x 12″ while 8 x 8″and 4 x 4″ were often used for tub surrounds and backsplashes.  Unfortunately in today’s world there are a lot more variety of sizes that installers will have to contend with than their fathers or grandfathers.  In the old days installers would be able to do almost any tile on the old school “piano board” cutters.  If they did happen to get anything larger it would be cut on a wet saw.  However, many of the most popular wet saws on the market are only designed to cut a maximum length of 24″ tiles.  This can be a problem as it is becoming increasingly more common for wood-look plank tiles to come in 6 x 36″ and  8  x 48″ varieties.  A larger manual tile cutter can provide a valuable niche in an installer’s tool arsenal so they that they can have a method of cutting tile without resorting to buying a costly and hard to transport large format tile saw.  Here are a couple links to a few good 36″ and 48″ tile cutters:

RUBI TX 900 37″ Tile Cutter


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RUBI TX 1200 N 50″ Tile Cutter

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Rubi Tools TX-1200-N 50″ Tile Cutter 17977


Which Tile Cutter Size Should I Choose?

As far as what size tile cutter you should get there is no easy answer.  It is highly dependent on what material you are coming across for certain jobs.   For example, if all you do is commercial kitchens with 6×6″ quarry tile you can get away with a smaller tile cutter.  However, since most installers have a variety of different materials they work with from job to job, I would recommend going no smaller than a 24″ tile cutter.  Since 12×24″ tile is the standard these days for many residential installs you want a tile cutter than do a  24″ rip cut but can also handle smaller subway tiles and quarry tiles.  Here are some links to a couple good 24″ Rubi Tile Cutters:

Rubi TS 66 26″ Tile Cutter

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Rubi TR 600 24″ Tile Cutter

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RUBI TOOLS TR-600 Magnet Tile Cutter with Case Ref.17907

RUBI TP 66 T 26″ Pull Tile Cutter

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