RUBI TOOLS Fast-85 Tile Cutter



  • Maximum tile cut size rip 35″, Maximum tile cut size diagonal 24″
  • Light and versatile cutter
  • Chromed steel guides with anti-rust treatment
  • Ø1/4″ (6mm) scoring wheel included.
  • For cutting ceramic tiles

Fast tile cutters are lightweight thanks to their new base, made of extruded aluminum and are very versatile in cutting various types of ceramic tiles, due to their structural strength and breaking power. Generally suitable for cutting ceramic tiles, Fast tile cutters have a mobile breaker assembly, much more rigid and stable for easy scoring of the materials to be cut. Their POM sliders offer high rigidity and precision in scoring, while reducing friction with the guides. The Fast manual cutting guides are made of steel, calibrated and rectified to ensure accuracy and dimensional stability and are chrome-plated to ensure maximum durability. With a diameter of 2/3 in., the Fast manual cutting guides by Rubi favor greater torsional strength, both in scoring and at the moment of cutting ceramic tiles. Fast tile cutters include four lateral supports, fully adjustable to the position of the ceramic tile, offering the professional tile setter better securing and stability of the ceramic tile. The Fast range is adapted to work with 16/64 in. interchangeable Rubi scoring wheels (included), 5/16 in. and 3/8 in. in diameter and allowing best results in the most common ceramic materials. In addition, all Fast tile cutter models include a lateral stop and square at 45° to make repetitive and diagonal cuts quickly and easily.