Rubi SLIM SYSTEM EASYTRANS transport system




  • To transport large porcelain slabs.


  • Ideal system for easy transportation of large format porcelain sheets.
  • System can be used as accessory to SLIM SYSTEM CUTTER (Ref. 18911).
  • Includes two extendable & adjustable guides 62.99″ (160cm) & 125.9″ (320cm) with 10 suction pads.
  • Maximum load: 132.2 lb. (60kg.)
  • For sheets up to 9.8 ft. (3m)

Transport system Slim System


The SLIM SYSTEM EASYTRANS transport system is specially designed for handling large format, thin porcelain tiles up to 126 in. long.

The SLIM SYSTEM EASYTRANS can be used as a supplement to the SLIM CUTTER tile cutter (Ref. 18911).

It consists of a set of two extruded aluminium guides, retractable and adjustable from 63” to 126”