RUBI DX250-1400 59″ Tile Saw w/ Laser



Zero Dust!

Rubi has created a dust and water collection system in accordance with health and dust prevention regulations in the construction industry. Zero dust technology drastically reduces airborne dust and water slurry which prevents ailments related to inhaling silica dust. With this goal in mind, all RUBI DC, DS, DX and DR tile and stone saws will include the ZERO DUST dust reduction system as standard. The system also minimizes water consumption during the cutting process which reduces time to refill the water tank.

Product Specs:

  • For cutting ceramic, glazed stoneware, porcelain stoneware and other tough materials
  • Head height adjustment allows for easy cutting height adjustments
  • Laser guide to help you make precise straight and miter cuts
  • Rail saw able to plunge cut!
  • Powerful belt-driven 120 Volts single phase, 2 hp motor
  • Constructed from steel and aluminum for strength
  • Retractile legs and wheels for easy transportation
  • Aluminum guide with anti-flexion geometry with measuring guide and lateral stops for longitudinal cuts
  • With thermal and overload security switches
  • Water pump refrigeration of blade
  • assembly mounted on sliding bearings
  • Vertically adjustable and fold-able mobile head for miter cuts
  • With guide for repetitive cuts and fold-away accessory for repetitive miter cuts
  • Removable Aluminum work surface for easy cleaning


Included With Saw

  • Rubi DX250-1400 Wet Tile Saw
  • 10 in. Diamond blade
  • Saw Stand with Wheels and Handles
  • Laser
  • Water Pump
  • Water Tray
  • Lateral Stop
  • Cord
  • Operator’s manual