Rubi 5 pcs Wheel Kit TS/TR Tile Cutter (6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 18mm, 22mm)

For Rubi cutter series TS, TR-S, speed and star for regular tiles, porcelain and glass. Tungsten carbide scoring wheel of high resistance and duration. Arm made with a patented geometry for a maximum precision and minimum vibration


Equip yourself with the right scoring wheel for any situation with the Rubi 5 pc. Scoring Wheel set!  Always have the right scoring wheel for the right job.

  • 6mm for regular tile
  • 8mm for standard tile and porcelain
  • 10mm for porcelain
  • 18mm For granulated and difficult to cut porcelain tiles
  • 22mm For sharp cuttings in hard ceramics