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Why should I choose a Rubi Tile Cutter?

The very first tile cutter that I ever used on a job was a Rubi.  The venerable Rubi TS-43 17″ was able to tackle any of the tile we used.  We were doing renovations on some apartments and the property management company I worked for wanted entryways in tile.  The company made a wet saw and the Rubi available for us for  when we needed to make cuts.  I absolutely hated the wet saw.  It was noisy, splashed water like a hurricane, and was time consuming since we had to go down two flights of stairs to use it.  The Rubi Tile Cutter on the other hand could be used inside the units and also gave cleaner cuts without chipping than the cheap wet saw.  That Rubi saved me a lot of time running up and down stairs that hot summer.

Top 10 Rubi Tile Cutters

Rubi Ts-43 17″ Tile Cutter

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